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Store Hours (updated 01/25/22)
Mon-Fri 7:00am-9:00pm
Sat 8:00am-9:00pm
 Sun 8:00am-6:00pm

257 Lee Dr., Ste. O
Baton Rouge, La 70808


Light House Coffee exists to serve the world through a Baton Rouge coffee experience.


We provide an inviting space to sip on a cup of specialty coffee or other beverage of choice. Behind the counter, we carefully choose coffee roasters who source their beans through direct trade. This ensures that coffee farmers receive as much compensation as possible for their product and labor. We are also intentional about hiring and training our staff in order to give opportunities to displaced people who have come to our city.


Your purchase will not only gratify the need for caffeine and a break in the day, but it will also gratify the desire to give back. Your coffee will give hope and dignity to the world.


Your Coffee. The Impact.


Since the 2016 election, things have drastically changed with immigration to the United States. Therefore, we have not been able to achieve this goal to the extent we had hoped, but we have been able to hire 5 refugees and 1 immigrant in need of work. When we do the training with these employees, we give more attention to make sure they understand our employee manual and what is expected to do their job when it comes to adequate English. We work with their schedule, push them to strive for advancement, and teach them English on the job. We have post it notes all over our kitchen for American employees to teach vocabulary and grammar as English mistakes are made, or as new words are introduced throughout the day. 


Apart from day to day teaching on the job, Light House staff are meeting one-on-one with immigrant employees to improve their English. Our employees meet after work to study for the Citizenship test, English grammar or advanced vocabulary. We plan to form classes in the future revolved around entrepreneurship, cultural norms and expectations, reading and writing, and more.


Most of our coffee is sourced by Topeca Coffee Roasters in Tulsa, OK. Through a mutual friend, we were introduced to this direct trade (versus commercial trade) company who is committed to sourcing their coffee as ethically as possible. In fact, one of their beans is 100% direct from seed to cup, every step of the way, making them the only American company of its kind. But Light House is open to other direct trade roasters as we come in contact with them. 


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